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Our Mission
Our mission is simple. We started this publishing company in May of 2009 to do everything possible to help the individualist entrepreneur live life on his own terms, with as little interference from collective foolishness as possible.

To accomplish this, we need to help you in a few key ways:

• Help you understand the ways in which you are imprisoned by the collectivists. Ayn Rand, for example, was instrumental in exposing these constraints, but she was charmingly naive about the ways in which collectivists operate in our modern world.

• Help you understand what resources are at your disposal, even those you don't immediately recognize as resources.

• Help you understand how to use those resources in time-tested ways that are proven effective, despite misconceptions that have been deliberately constructed to conceal those means.

If we are successful in our mission, those of you who we are able to help will have a smile on your face, despite the turmoil and crises that surround us today.

And that will be enough.
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