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Editorial Guidelines for Aspiring Authors
We are happy to work with authors whose material meets the following strict guidelines:

•Your work must promote individual accomplishment and independence, or just simply be entertaining for entertainment's sake.

•Your work must not advocate unlawful violence or racism or other discriminations based on anything other than value or ideas. See our monkey definition page for details about what we mean.

•Your work can be fiction or non-fiction or pure opinion, as long as the material accomplishes the above.

•You agree to the inclusion of the BananaHammer™ or SMP™ logo(s) and publisher imprint on your work.

•We do not pay advances or make guarantees of sales of any volume. Your work must be strong enough to stand on its own.

If you can agree to these guidelines, and feel that writing under our imprint is for you, then email our new author's desk for additional details and discussion about your proposal.

Note that we receive many inquiries on similar topics, and so not all proposals will be accepted, nor will we necessarily be able to tell you whether a similar proposal is already under way. We reserve the right to accept similar proposals and let all offerings stand on their own merits.

If your project is accepted, we will promote your work through all of our normal publisher channels as we would any of our own titles.
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